Yoga Photography

Now it’s not usually the done thing (or entirely ethical) to sleep with your clients but this was one case where I was willing to make an exception…….

My wife has been practicing yoga for many years and recently began training to become a yoga teacher. Her first step on this career path is training to teach baby yoga classes (relaxation classes for babies and their carers using movements and principles of yoga). She has set up her own yoga business (Breathing Space Yoga) and has been very busy organising classes and marketing them. To help promote these new classes, and the business in general, she decided that she needed some yoga photography.

Luckily (for our marriage) she asked me to take some commercial photographs of her and our youngest son, Callum. They came over to the cloverleaf images photography studio in Crewe and we set up a number of shots showing the various different types of moves that are involved in baby yoga. This should have been fairly straightforward but Callum is a little older than the target babies for baby yoga (the usual limit is up to when the baby is crawling and Callum is very much a crawler!) and so it was hard to keep him interested and keep him in one place!

Sarah managed to work her magic long enough and we got some great images of the two of them relaxing and interacting. Sarah has now started promoting the classes around the local area and the images are appearing prominently online and in print.

If you are interested in baby yoga in and around the Northwich area, head on over to Sarah’s Cheshire Baby Yoga website.

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