Published Work – Gorgeous Freaks Magazine

We were recently approached by alternative model – Frankie Lou to collaborate on a magazine cover shoot for alternative fashion magazine Gorgeous Freaks. We’re always up for a challenge and even though this was a little outside my usual comfort zone I thought this would be a great chance to try out some new ideas and maybe get some exposure through the magazine.

There was no real theme for the shoot so we had a chat about possible setups and looks and worked out three separate sets with the make-up artist (the fantastic Bambii Riiot). For the final set I went out on the scrounge and managed to borrow a motorbike from one of our neighbors and brought it into the studio!

Here are the tearsheets from the magazine that was published this month:

alternative fashion magazine cover
alternative fashion magazine
alternative fashion magazine

and here some of our favourite final images that were taken on the day (click to view fullscreen):

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