Cheshire Theatre Photography – Action Transport Theatre

Back in December I was hired by the fantastic Action Transport Theatre company (ATT) to take some event and PR photographs at their annual ‘Writer’s Ball’. ATT are an amazing organisation that exists to put new writing and young people at the heart of UK Theatre by putting young people at the heart of all their work. They are the only specialist new writing and dedicated young people’s theatre company in Cheshire.

The ATT Writers’ Ball is a quirky and glam ‘winter’s ball’ and an annual social event at their base at Whitby Hall in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. The ball is a chance for writers and those friends and partners working in theatre for young audiences to informally network and to celebrate young people’s theatre. The event included live music, play pitches, readings, performances and lots of food and refreshments.

ATT asked me to try and capture the atmosphere of the event and the wonderful decorations that adorned their building as well as capturing images of the guests and performers enjoying the event. Here are some of the images we captured on the night:

I had a great time shooting the evening and got to enjoy some moving, amusing and entertaining performances. Hopefully I’ll be asked back to take photos at next years event!.

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PR Photography – Teenage Cancer Trust

Last week I was on assignment for the Teenage Cancer Trust providing some PR photography to document a visit to one of their units by the popular boy band ‘Lawson’. The brief was to capture shots of Lawson being shown round the unit, signing autographs and talking with the young people at the unit. In addition they also wanted some posed shots of Lawson with the group of patients for use in press releases. Although there wasn’t much room for creativity in this assignment it was still enjoyable and was great to listen to some of the stories of the young people on the unit and see their faces when they meet the guys in the band.

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Event Photography – Shakespeare Exhibition

After providing the British Museum with some event photography services earlier in the year, it was great to be asked back by them to provide coverage of another one of their fantastic events. This time I was asked to cover an event centred around their ‘Shakespeare staging the world‘ exhibition. Again they would be inviting various schools and community groups to view the exhibition and to attend a number of related workshops and I was asked to capture images of the visitors interacting with the exhibition and participating in the workshops. The images were to be used in internal publications, reports and general marketing materials.

I love providing this type of event photography as it throws up some great technical challenges (particularly in the low light of the exhibitions) and I get to capture some great portraits of people really enjoying themselves (I also get to learn a few things from the exhibitions!).

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Liverpool Event Photography – Weightmans LLP

Last week I was working on a Liverpool Event Photography job for Weightmans LLP. The firm has recently moved to new premises in the heart of Liverpool and they were having a launch party for to celebrate with some of their clients. I was tasked with taking some general shots of the celebration and get some shots of key members of the firm and their guests including Joe Anderson the Mayor of Liverpool. The photos are to be used for general PR and marketing materials.

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Event Photography – British Museum

Last week I was down in that there London doing some event photography for the British Museum. They wanted some documentary style event photography with a creative twist to record an event that was being held centred around their Hajj exhibition. The images were to be used in internal publications, reports and general marketing materials.

The exhibition itself was held in the reading room and was very dark in terms of photography so it was quite a challenge to photograph the visitors and groups interacting with the exhibition. One of the briefs was to try and capture the feeling of people moving around the exhibition and so I set up with a tripod for some shots and used a longer exposure to get motion blur on the various people walking around the space. Another brief was to capture some images of the school groups who had been invited to the event as they carried out some of their assignment work, so I set up in some of the better lit areas to get those shots.

In addition to the exhibition photography I was also asked to provide some general event photography for some of the workshops that were taking place in different locations across the museum.

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