Cheshire Children in Need Event

In the run up to BBC’s ‘Children in Need’ we decided to hold a fundraising event at the studio. Last year I had heard about the ‘Go BearFaced‘ campaign and we thought it would be great to hold an event linked to this. We teamed up with ‘Forward Ladies Business Networking‘ group to hold a networking coffee morning at the studio with a twist.  All the ladies attending had to come ‘BearFaced’ (no makeup) and have their portrait taken by me in the studio.  The event went really well and we all had a lot of fun (even if some people weren’t so keen at first to have their picture taken!).  As well as coffee and cake there was some serious business networking going on and some great discussions about the whole culture of make up in our modern society.

Taking peoples portraits often requires a lot more than just pressing the shutter button and this session was a fun challenge to help build up people’s confidence and to get them to relax.  At the end of the event everyone had had their photo taken and everyone seemed genuinely pleased with their pictures.  As an added bonus we raised over £240 on the day for children in need as well!

Here are the ‘Go BrearFaced’ portraits we took in studio during the event (in keeping with the theme of the event there was absolutely no re-touching/photoshop used on these images):

If you’d like to discuss having your portrait or headshot taken (with or without make up) or if you would like to hold an event (with studio portraits) here at cloverleaf images then please contact us to have a chat