Dance Photography – Ellipsis Dance Theatre

The other week we had Lauren and Lizzy from Liverpool based Ellipsis Dance Theatre in our commercial photography studio to shoot some contemporary dance photography for their marketing materials. The girls wanted some clean bright dance photography images that could be used for multiple purposes and showed off some of their dance skills and unique choreography.

We broke the shoot into three sessions, the main one was focused on getting shots of them working as a duet and the other 2 were solo shots. I love working with other creative people as everyone has different ideas and the end result is nearly always better than if it was left completely to an individual. The girls went though different pieces and moves and I identified which moves would work well in a still image (working out what will work in dance photography is very different from the standard way people look at dance moves).

I really enjoyed the shoot and was amazed at some of the moves Lauren and Lizzy were able to pull off (my old knees were aching from just watching them!) and hold to allow me to shoot them. Here are some of the shots from our session

If you are interested in chatting about arranging a dance portfolio shoot or a commercial photography shoot then please get in touch using our contact page.