Music Video Cheshire – Albino Crow

After providing Chester based band ‘Albino Crow’ with some portrait photography to accompany the release of their EP ‘Ghost in the Room’ I got talking to the band regarding shooting a music video for them. This was not something that I had done before but was something that I was keen to experiment with.

The guys were really keen on the idea and so I went about putting together some ideas for possible concepts for the music video. The band decided to go for recording a video to accompany the EP release alongside the photos I had previously taken and so I based most of the ideas around the song ‘Ghost in the Room’.

The final concept that was chosen was inspired by a beautiful short film I had seen a year or so ago (the camera). I wanted to take the idea of having someone present on another plane of existence but give it a more modern and gritty feel. So I put together a basic storyboard of a youth entering a multiple murder scene and recording it on his phone but then being able to see the ‘ghosts’ of the murdered people (being played by the band). This story allowed me to include a mix of a story based music video, a ‘live music’ video and to try out a couple of special effects to support the story.

The video was shot in and around the cloverleaf images photography studio in Crewe (prior to us having the refurb so was able to ‘rough it up’) with the band with Joel Harper playing the ‘youth’.

The video was shot on a Canon 5d mkII and edited in Adobe Premiere.

If you are interested in shooting a music video or want to discuss possible videography or photography opportunities please get in touch via our contact page.