Social Media Portraits

Last month I attended a great little workshop provided by Jamie Stewart of Momentum Factor Europe hosted at the South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce in Crewe. The workshop was a really useful overview of how to make more use of LinkedIn & Twitter in your business activities. I consider myself fairly well versed in social media (although I’m the first to admit I not particularly well disciplined in putting what I know into use all the time!) but I still learned loads of great tips from Jamie for improving how I go about using the 2 platforms. Here are the top 3 things that I took away from the workshop about LinkedIn and Twitter:


  1. One of the most important things when setting up your LinkedIn account is having a great, professional profile photo 😉
  2. Endorsements you receive contribute to how LinkedIn returns your profile in other people’s search results
  3. The Slideshare plugin allows you to share presentations, portfolios, PDFs etc directly within LinkedIn


  1. Restricting your tweets to 120 (or less) characters means people can retweet and comment more easily (adding to your conversation)
  2. Tweets with images (using are more likely to be retweeted
  3. Advanced search is an underused but highly useful research tool

After the workshop session was finished I set up a mini studio in one of the meeting rooms at the Chamber and took some profile portraits for the attendees and the Chamber staff so that they would have no excuses for not having a great picture on their social media profiles!

social media portrait collage

If you are looking to improve your social media impact I would highly recommend Jamie and Momentum Factor and if you are looking to get started with a professional profile portrait we are currently doing them at the studio for £55 (30 min session), just contact us to book.

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