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Branding has become personal.  In recent times it has become more and more important to ensure that your own brand represents authenticity and that there is a real person or people that are an integral part of that brand. The majority of first encounters these days take place online and having a professional headshot of the person/people behind your brand ensures that the right message is getting across to your potential and existing clients.

At Cloverleaf Images, we work with you to create professional headshots that capture the essence of your personality and create a powerful and lasting first impression of you and your brand.  Whether you are small business owner, job seeker, senior executive or an independent artist a professional headshot can make all the difference. Whether or not you normally enjoy having your photo taken (and we know not everyone does!), we can provide you with an experience and end result that you will love and will make you stand out from the crowd.

The Cloverleaf Images Headshot Experience

At Cloverleaf Images we want you be proud of your headshot. So, a typical headshot photography experience starts before you actually arrive at your session. We’ll discuss your requirements, what you’ll be using the headshot for, consider outfits, hair and makeup etc. and go through any concerns or clarifications to make sure that you are fully prepared for your shoot.  This consultation can take place online, on the phone or in person, whichever works best for you.

During the actual shoot I will take you through the plan for the shoot and get you set up.  I will coach you in front of the camera so that you look your absolute best regardless of how photogenic you think you are!  Using a uniquely refined process, we’ll bring out your personality to ensure your images project the authentic you, not the ‘in front of a camera’ you.  This means that you’ll not only come away with amazing headshots, but you’ll also get some great tips and a level of photographic confidence that you can draw on anytime you are in front of camera!

We carry out headshot photography ‘tethered’ so that your images are loaded directly through to a computer screen and can be reviewed during the session.  This allows us to take you through the shots during the actual photography shoot, so that we can refine your look and poses based on your feedback on the photography  taken so far.  During these reviews, we’ll delete any photos that you are not entirely happy with, so that at the end of your session we’ll be left with a set of killer photographs which have already been refined – making the final choice of images much easier.

We’ll typically look to shoot 2-3 different ‘looks’ so that you have a range of images, expressions and outfits to choose from in your final photos.  This range of looks allows you have a set of images that cover a wide variety of marketing purposes, from more formal corporate headshots to more relaxed headshots that you might need for something a little more.  Once the session is over, we’ll upload your photography shots to our proofing gallery so they’ll be available immediately for you to review and you’ll be able to share this proofing gallery with friends, family and colleagues if you wish them to help with the decision process (they can even provide comments directly on the proofing gallery if you wish).


A headshot photography session costs £75 for up to 60 minutes (travel charges may apply).  Included in this is the pre-consultation, photoshoot & coaching, proofing gallery and 3 retouched and edited high resolution files (delivered online) with printing rights.  Additional images can be purchased for £15 each.  All sessions are covered by a full guarantee that if you are not happy with the images at the end of the session, you’ll be able to re-arrange another session at absolutely no charge.

If you want any more information regarding our headshot photography services or want to make a booking, please don’t hesitate to contact us