Promoting a small business with Photography

In today’s online-centric world it is more and more important for businesses of all sizes to ensure that they represent themselves in the best possible way on their websites and social media. One of the most important aspects of this representation is through the images you use (and I’m not just saying this as a photographer), it’s impossible to promote a professional business with poorly taken photos or mobile phone ‘pics’.

One local business owner who understands this essential point is owner and founder of Breathing Space Yoga, Sarah Clover. Sarah obviously has an advantage in this aspect over other small businesses as she is married to a commercial photographer! That point aside, Sarah understands the power of quality images for promoting her business and is one of my more critical and hard to please clients.

Breathing Space Yoga recently expanded their range of baby yoga classes to include a ‘movers’ class (aimed at more mobile toddlers) and Sarah wanted a fresh set of images to use for promoting this class online and in print. I visited one of the movers classes and captured some images of the parents and their little ones taking part and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Here are a few examples of the images we produced for Sarah to use to promote the new classes:

If you are interested in promoting your business with some high quality images, please give me a shout so we can have a chat about how I might be able to help.