Product Photography – Trees By Design

A couple of weeks ago we were hired by Trees By Design to provide them with some commercial product photography in the cloverleaf images photography studio. Trees By Design are a wedding and event dressing service that specialise in using trees to create bespoke event dressing.  They approached cloverleaf images to provide product photography so that they could show potential customers the kinds of creations that they are able to produce and would be used in various marketing materials.

The shoot was a challenge as there were many designs to shoot and a limited time to get them all done. The ‘Trees By Design’ team came into the studio early to set the designs up to make the shoot move quicker (the studio looked like a scene from ‘Pans Labyrinth’ with all the designs lined up ready to be shot).

The shoot went well and the Trees By Design team were very happy with the resulting images:

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