PR Photography Cheshire

Even though I absolutely love what I do, sometimes there are jobs that I take on that are not the most inspiring, interesting or fun (although I tend not to write about those ones!) other times there are jobs that are just laugh out loud fun! Shep is a local entertainer and broadcaster who contacted me to provide him with some promotional images. He wanted a range of shots that showed off his versatility as an entertainer and covered the different aspects of his acts.

For most shoots I am fairly well organised and have a clear idea about the shots I’m going to take but for this shoot I decided to let things flow a bit more and just see where things went. I had asked Shep to bring any examples of images that he liked so that I had some start points and we just took it from there.

For the first few shots it was evident that Shep wasn’t as comfortable posing in front of the camera as he was performing so I got him to imagine he was on stage in front of an audience and to just goof around a bit and he became much more relaxed. This more relaxed approach produced some more natural shots and we were both really pleased with the images we got on the day.

Here are some of the shots we produced in the cloverleaf images studio in Crewe:

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