Event Photography – Manchester Museum

There are many different types of events that require Event Photography but one of my favourite types is seminars and conferences.  I love being able to capture people interacting and communicating with each other in a relaxed environment where they (hopefully) barely notice I am there.  Recently, I was fortunate enough to have been hired to provide event photography at the Manchester Museum for a seminar which was part of a series of seminars called ‘Age Collective’.  These seminars where taking place at various locations across the country and were described as a big conversation which happens across the UK, where professionals of a diverse range of backgrounds can work together to find ways of improving their practice around older people and heightening their reach and potential.

The seminar was held in one of the teaching rooms at Manchester Museum which was a great place to hold it and even better to photograph it.  Rather than the usual plain walled conference room, the room was decorated with various exhibits and stuffed animals from the museum which provided a great backdrop to the seminar and workshop.

As well as hiring myself to capture the event, a local artist/illustrator was also hired to provide ‘visual minutes’ of the event which was a great, unique way to capture the conversations that were happening during the seminar.

Here are some images that were captured during the seminar:

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