Event Photography – ICOM conference

Last month I was back down in that there London providing some more event photography for the British Museum.  Previously I have covered events in relation to specific exhibitions (‘Hajj: Journey to the heart of Islam’ and ‘Shakespeare: Staging the World’) but this time it was to cover a conference being hosted by the British Museum and the ‘International Council Of Museums’ (ICOM). The delegates and speakers were from museums and similar organisations from around the UK attending ‘Working Internationally’ to discuss and learn about working with overseas organisations for mutual benefit. From my position the event seemed to go very well and there was a real buzz among the attendees afterwards.

I was commissioned to photograph the one day seminar and to capture the speakers and attendees during the conference, workshops and the general interaction and networking taking place around the scheduled events.

As with previous jobs at the museum, the lighting was a general challenging but as the speakers were lit by stage lighting it was made a little easier this time! Conferences are never the most exciting things to photograph but I really enjoyed this one as the topics being discussed were interesting and the speakers were very engaging (which also makes better photographs!).  Here are a selection of images from the event:

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