Event Photography – British Museum – Ice Age Art

Last month I got to work for the British Museum again providing them with event photography for one of their community invitational events. This time I was photographing in and around the ‘Ice Age Art’ exhibition and art making workshop being held in the fantastic ‘Great Hall’ of the museum. I love shooting at these events as they are often held outside opening hours and there’s such a great atmosphere in the museum when there is only a handful of people in the vast building.

The other great thing about working for the British Museum with this kind of event photography is that I get to see the special exhibitions while I am working. The ice age art exhibition was really interesting and it was amazing to see some of the art pieces, some of which were more than 40,000 years old, it’s just crazy to think that someone’s creative work has lasted that long and that we are still able to appreciate it.

As with the other exhibitions I have worked in, the light was very challenging and I had to try and plan shots using the very limited available light within the space. This was even more challenging than usual as the exhibits were mostly very small and in large cases so the illuminations didn’t spill out very much so there was very little light on the people looking at them (which is what I was there to capture!). I got round this problem by positioning myself near certain exhibits that had more light around them and also by shooting through the class cabinets when people were viewing from the other side.

Here is some of the event photography that I produced for the Museum at the exhibition and workshop:

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