Commercial Website Photography – OCC Computing

Many companies invest in marketing their business online and one of the prime ways of doing this is through a website. A company website is often referred to as the online equivalent of a shop window where passing potential customers can have a look at your products and services to see if they might be interested in doing business with you. One mistake many companies make is selecting the right type of images to use on their website.

Having low quality images (i.e. photos taken on a phone) is the equivalent of having really dirty shop windows and suggests to potential customers that you may not provide the quality they are looking for. Not having any photos n your website is the equivalent of having boarded up windows (and a locked door!) and can make potential customers suspicious that you have something to hide or nothing to offer.  Many companies try and save money by using stock photography to fill this gap, sometimes this can be effective but if not selected very carefully the images come across sterile and insincere.

Having personalised, professional, high quality images representing your products and services helps customers see and understand your business clearly and helps build trust from the first visit. It shows that you are proud of your business and are confident about all aspects of the products and services you provide.

One company that understand these facts very well is Nantwich based recruitment company, OCC Computing. They recently hired me to capture images of their team hard at work in their day to day operations for use on their new website being created by Surefire Media. Here are some of the images we created for their ‘shop window’:

If you are interested in improving your businesses ‘shop window’ please get in touch for a chat about what we can do for you.