Commercial Video – Miss Aniela Fashion Shoot Experience

A few years ago I attended a fashion shoot experience event produced and hosted by Natalie (aka Miss Aniela) & Matt, this was actually the first event that they had organised. This event kick-started my confidence in working with models and producing fashion based images. Last year I attended another event as a bit of a spur of the moment type decision while in a bit of a creative slump and it really helped to bring me out of it.

I was recently asked by Matt & Nat if I could go down to one of their London events to take some behind the scenes video footage of the event for use in their marketing of future events. It was a really tough 2 days, not just from the physical exertion of filming for 2 days in a 4 story house, but being there without getting to participate!

Here is the resulting video made from the footage I took (edited by Natalie and featuring images from the attending photographers):

Although I didn’t get to take any still images of the models as a participant I did manage to take a few behind the scenes images as well as the video footage and here is a selection of those images:

By Johnathan Clover