Commercial Property Photography for Marathonbet

With the continually increasing use of the internet consumers and becoming more and more accustomed to evaluating businesses online before deciding to transact. This is true of businesses that transact physically (such as restaurants or salons) and online transacting businesses. One of the key methods for businesses to persuade potential customers to ‘convert’ is through Commercial Property Photography showing the premises/set-up as being one that they would like to visit or provides them with confidence that they are dealing with a professional company.

Traditionally betting shops are not seen as being the kinds of places you would consider being particularly inviting places and and not really the kinds of places that would be candidates for using images of the premises for positive marketing purposes. Marathonbet is one company that is bucking that trend and has taken pride in the modern, clean appearance of it’s current 3 locations in the UK. In fact, it is so proud of it’s newly refurbished locations that it has recently commissioned professional commercial photographers to provide images of the locations to be featured on the Marathonbet website.

Cloverleaf images were hired by the company to visit the Crewe location and to provide commercial property photography to show the retail shop at it’s best. Here are a few images from the shoot showing the great new location.

If you are interested in increasing customer confidence in the legitimacy of your business or want to show off your great location, please contact us for a free, no obligation chat about what professional commercial photography from cloverleaf images could do for your business.