Commercial Portrait Photography – Studio Webb

I’d previously worked with Studio Webb Architects Ltd providing them with some architectural photography for one of their completed projects so I was pleased when they contacted me in regards to providing them with some commercial portrait photography.  The brief was to take some commercial portraits and a headshot of their Director, Rik Webb and to get a couple of shots of their building for use on their website.  After taking the building shots on the way in we got set up in Rik’s office.  As I was shooting on location we used a couple of portable lights to separate Rik from the background and to focus the attention on him and the ‘tools of the trade’ on the desk in front of him.  After getting the technical side of things dialed I worked with Rik to get the right expression for the shot.  After we got the portrait in the bag we moved on for a more traditional headshot and moved over to a painted white wall and I again worked with Rik to get the right expression for his headshot.

Here are the resulting photos that the client chose from the session

One of the things I took away from this job was a really cool idea to include a few objects connected to the portrait subject in the image.  Studio Webb Architects work with some unique materials and do all of their initial drawings on paper (rather than on a computer) and so we included some of the materials and drawing paper in the shot to show that.  This is definitely an idea that I am going to take forward and try and incorporate it into more of our commercial portraits.

If you are interested in arranging a commercial portrait photography session or a headshot photography session then please contact us and we’ll get back right back to you