Commercial Photography – Personal Shoot

I’ve talked in the past about the importance of photographers ‘keeping the creative juices flowing’ by occasionally taking time out from commercial work and doing a personal project. Doing a personal project also allows you to try some new techniques/ideas without the pressure of a paying client and can be a good way of testing out other collaborators such as models and make up artists.

For a few months I had an idea for a personal project but the model I had in mind for it was not available so I decided to hold off and wait for her to be available. A date was put in the diary and I had booked in Rachel Vickers MUA to do the make up and all was set. Or so I thought, a few days before the shoot the original model pulled out so I was left a little bit in the lurch. Luckily local model Samii Bliss was available and willing to step in and help out.

The shoot went great and we were able to try out a number of looks and try out a few ideas. The main image for the project that I was looking to produce was a mock movie poster influenced by films like Mad Max, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Hunger Games and Resident Evil. I shot Samii on a plain grey background and composited a background in photoshop to create the final image:

Movie poster photoshop

Here are a few other shots that we were able to create as part of the project once we’d got what we needed for the main image:

By Johnathan Clover