Commercial Photography – Jim Baker Guitar

Jim Baker is a guitar teacher based in Chester and he approached cloverleaf images photography studio in regards to creating some original portrait images for him to use to promote his guitar tuition business.  He was looking for a simple but striking portrait photo of him playing the guitar.  After some discussions around what would work best we agreed on a low key portrait using really stripped back lighting to create a unique image of Jim while highlighting his guitar.

I prepped the studio and lighting before the shoot so it was a relatively quick process to get the shots, we just needed to make small tweaks to Jim’s position so that he and the guitar caught the light in the right way.  Once we had the shot we wanted we decided to do some experimentation with some extra lights and a smoke machine to create a more atmospheric look.

We were both really pleased with how the shots turned out and I’m looking forward to experimenting a little more with this kind of lighting.

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