Commercial Photography – Fashion Shoot

Last month I was asked to provide some commercial photography services for the beautiful clothing brand, Tallulah Tennant.  They are planning to launch a new range of evening wear designs and needed some photography to support the launch. The images will be used across various marketing media including a printed ‘look book’

The shoot itself was a location shoot in a park in Manchester with a full creative team and three models. I had worked closely with Vanessa (clothing designer) prior to the shoot to identify the kind of look they were going for and to sketch out some of the key shots that they needed.

On the day of the shoot the typical British weather tried it’s best to throw a spanner in the works but we persevered and created some great images that the whole team were really happy with.

Unfortunately because the range has not yet been launched I’m not able to publish the shots yet but if you have been following us on Facebook you would have seen a sneak peek of some of the shots.

Once the range has been launched I’ll publish some of the shots and hopefully link out to some of the images where they appear ‘in the wild’ online.

If you are interested in learning more about how creative commercial photography can help you promote your business or brand please get in touch via our contact page.