Commercial Photography Cheshire – Meet the team photos

Over the last few years I’ve done a considerable number of jobs for Warble Entertainment shooting the various bands on their roster so it was great when they approached me to shoot the photos for their new ‘meet the team’ page on their website.  They wanted something a bit different and fun but the resulting images still had to serve their function of allowing clients to see who was who.

After creating a mood-board and knocking a few ideas back and forth we agreed on two final designs, one team photo and one set of individual photos.  The team photo was a mix of photos and illustration and was designed so that it is relatively easy to add new team members as and when they join.  The individual shots consisted of two shots per person, one ‘normal’ and one ‘silly’ with the idea being that on the final website the ‘normal’ image would be displayed until the user moves their mouse over the image where it changes to the ‘silly’ version.  Here is the final team shot:

warble entertainment team photo

The images were all shot individually in front of a white background then composited together in Photoshop afterwards.  I then added the illustration elements, some of which we created by myself, others by the guys at Warble and the remainder were from the existing Warble branding set.  The individual shots were taken on the same set with a tighter crop. Here are some of the individual shots:

Head over to the Warble website to see the images on the page and see how the roll-over effect works, this was a great shoot and we all had a great time creating something a bit different for their new website.  Here’s a quick behind the scenes shot of the team at the end of the shoot:

Warble team behind the scenes

If you are interested in livening up your website with some creative photography or want to discuss any other commercial photography needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.