Cheshire Theatre Photography – ATT Statik Production Photographs

Last year I provided some theatre photography to Action Transport Theatre (ATT) for their annual ‘Writers Ball’ event and it was great be hired by them again to provide commercial photography services for their latest touring production ‘STATik’.  We were tasked with capturing some images of the actors during dress rehearsals to create some exciting and kinetic shots to be used to promote the tour.  It was great to be able to watch the show as the only audience member and to virtually ‘pause’, ‘rewind’ and ‘replay’ sections (not something you can usually do with theatre!) to capture moments of action from different angles etc.  It was also great to be able to take shots from on the stage area itself to get interesting point of view images that you usually don’t get a chance to take when you are photographing a live performance.  Here are some of our favourite images from the session:

Although we only got to see snippets of the piece, the show looks great and we’re looking forward to seeing the whole thing when we shoot the performance and audience photographs soon.

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