Cheshire Property Photography – Delamere Forest Cabin

Occasionally we’re hired to provide property photography for marketing materials (usually for selling or renting out a property or for architects portfolios etc) and occasionally we get to photograph some amazing buildings. We were recently hired to photograph a really special building located in the beautiful Delamere forest in Cheshire.

The owners of this amazing little garden cabin had decided to start renting it out as a holiday let and we were asked to create some stunning images for marketing it. Great property photography is an essential part of ensuring your potential customers get a good feel for the property and can see all the interesting features. It was such an interesting property that it really wasn’t that difficult to get some great shots.

We don’t think the owners will have any problems getting people renting the property, in fact I think the main problem will be managing it so that they can still enjoy it when they want to!

If you are interested in seeing how professional property photography could help you market your property or want to chat about other commercial photography services that cloverleaf images can help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

By Johnathan Clover