Cheshire Google Business View

We are extremely happy here at cloverleaf images as our lead photographer, Johnathan Clover, has just completed the approval process to join the Google Trusted Photographers program and as a result we are able to include Google Business Photos as one of our many services that we can offer to Cheshire businesses.

Google Business View is a great way for businesses to show potential customers round their business premises in a virtual tour as part of their Google maps experience (think Google Street View but inside).  It allows potential customers to check out the decor, produce, products and general ambiance of a business location and is a great way to give those potential customers the confidence that they might need to come and physically visit and/or do business.  Traditional businesses that have really benefited from a Google Business View include, restaurants, pubs, hair & beauty salons, gyms and car showrooms but other businesses such as clothing shops, antique shops, jewellers and gift shops can also benefit in adding this great marketing tool to their online presence.

The 360 degree virtual tours are not only accessible via Google but you can also embed the resulting tours into your own website and even put them onto your Facebook business page.  In order to maintain consistency and a high level of quality only members of the Google Trusted Photographer program can shoot the images for these tours and we are very proud to be part of this elite list of photographers in the UK.  As an example of a 360 Google Business View tour, here is one we created of the cloverleaf images studio:

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As well as an amazing 360 tour of your business, you’ll also get a set of professional point of interest photos that will be included on your Google listing and be made available to you to use on your own marketing materials and online advertising.  We’ll even assist you in setting everything up on Google and Facebook if you need help in creating your initial Google listing.  The best thing about Google Business View is that here is only a one off fee to pay (no hosting, annual subscription or hidden extras).  Pricing depends on the size of your business (and therefor the size of tour) but packages start at just £195 which is just amazing value if you compare that to other marketing packages and online advertising.  If you are interested to hear more about how Google Business View can enhance your Google listing and help you connect with more customers, please give us a shout via our contact page or call us on the number at the top of the page for a no obligation chat.