Cheshire Property Photography – Photographing interiors

One of the services we provide is capturing high quality professional images of properties. This can be for holiday lets or property sales, having well lit, high quality photographs of a property can really boost the sales or rental potential.

My Top Tips for photographing property interiors

  1. Shoot wider (full room) shots and detail shots showing features
  2. Use a tripod and have the camera below eye level for wider shots
  3. Keep the camera level where possible (avoids lens distortion)
  4. Use natural light and don’t worry about over-exposing windows
  5. Shoot in RAW to make it easier to bring back detail in shadows and reduce highlights
  6. Use a neutral to slightly warm white balance
  7. Ensure the rooms are clean and clear of clutter

Here are a few examples of images we have taken for our property clients over the last 12 months:

If you are interested in promoting your property through professional property photography in Cheshire please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat.

Commercial Property Photography Cheshire

Most of the work I am hired to do involves photographing people, be that commercial portraits, promotional images, events or photos of people using products but I have also done a number of projects involving property and construction which make a nice change every now and then.

Bennett Architectural Aluminium Solutions Ltd (BAASL) are a local, stoke based company that specialise in providing window systems and curtain walling and they contacted me about providing them with a series of photographs from various new buildings that they had provided solutions to. The images are to be used across various media to promote their range of products and services and to show potential customers the wide range of projects they get involved in.

Here are some examples of some of the images we’ve produced so far:


If you are interested in using our photography service to help promote your business, please contact me

Professional Property Photography – Staffordshire Windmill

We were recently contacted by AirBNB (whom we have worked with on a number of occasions previously) for a very special project to provide commercial photography for an amazing B&B location. AirBNB are a company that really value professional imagery and have been able to monitor the uplift of having professional photographs advertising rental properties and B&B businesses through their vast network of hosts and customers.

This particular B&B (hosted by the really friendly Kate & Chris) is located in a converted windmill deep in the countryside of rural Staffordshire. With fantastic views, unique architecture and stunning character, this property was a pleasure to photograph. The unusual shape of some of the rooms required some unorthodox shooting positions but overall the shoot was a realy enjoyable one (even with all those stairs!).

Here are some of the images we captured on the project:

For more images and information about staying at the windmill please head over to Kate & Chris’ page on AirBNB. If you are interested in marketing your property or business through cloverleaf images commercial photography services or want to have a free no-obligation chat about what we could do for you, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout.

Commercial Property Photography for Marathonbet

With the continually increasing use of the internet consumers and becoming more and more accustomed to evaluating businesses online before deciding to transact. This is true of businesses that transact physically (such as restaurants or salons) and online transacting businesses. One of the key methods for businesses to persuade potential customers to ‘convert’ is through Commercial Property Photography showing the premises/set-up as being one that they would like to visit or provides them with confidence that they are dealing with a professional company.

Traditionally betting shops are not seen as being the kinds of places you would consider being particularly inviting places and and not really the kinds of places that would be candidates for using images of the premises for positive marketing purposes. Marathonbet is one company that is bucking that trend and has taken pride in the modern, clean appearance of it’s current 3 locations in the UK. In fact, it is so proud of it’s newly refurbished locations that it has recently commissioned professional commercial photographers to provide images of the locations to be featured on the Marathonbet website.

Cloverleaf images were hired by the company to visit the Crewe location and to provide commercial property photography to show the retail shop at it’s best. Here are a few images from the shoot showing the great new location.

If you are interested in increasing customer confidence in the legitimacy of your business or want to show off your great location, please contact us for a free, no obligation chat about what professional commercial photography from cloverleaf images could do for your business.

Cheshire Property Photography – Delamere Forest Cabin

Occasionally we’re hired to provide property photography for marketing materials (usually for selling or renting out a property or for architects portfolios etc) and occasionally we get to photograph some amazing buildings. We were recently hired to photograph a really special building located in the beautiful Delamere forest in Cheshire.

The owners of this amazing little garden cabin had decided to start renting it out as a holiday let and we were asked to create some stunning images for marketing it. Great property photography is an essential part of ensuring your potential customers get a good feel for the property and can see all the interesting features. It was such an interesting property that it really wasn’t that difficult to get some great shots.

We don’t think the owners will have any problems getting people renting the property, in fact I think the main problem will be managing it so that they can still enjoy it when they want to!

If you are interested in seeing how professional property photography could help you market your property or want to chat about other commercial photography services that cloverleaf images can help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

By Johnathan Clover