Manchester Business Portrait Photography

A few months ago I was contacted by Lee Rhodes of Open Rhodes to create some business portrait photographs for his new website.  Lee wanted some professional portraits that were not the typical white background headshots but a bit more creative and relaxed.  I suggested we head down to Salford Quays for some location portraits as I knew there were loads of interesting textures to use as backdrops.  The Manchester weather (and wind) was kind to us and we managed to get some great portraits just wandering around.  My favourite location was a little alcove outside the Imperial War Museum North, the walls worked great as a backdrop and the overhang above (coupled with a cloudy sky) created a really interesting light.  Here are some of my favourite images from the shoot:

I think the business portraits turned out great (as did Lee!) and I really enjoyed creating something a little bit different (was great to be out of the studio environment).  If you’re interested in interesting business portrait photographs to promote your business or services, please give me a shout

Commercial Website Photography – OCC Computing

Many companies invest in marketing their business online and one of the prime ways of doing this is through a website. A company website is often referred to as the online equivalent of a shop window where passing potential customers can have a look at your products and services to see if they might be interested in doing business with you. One mistake many companies make is selecting the right type of images to use on their website.

Having low quality images (i.e. photos taken on a phone) is the equivalent of having really dirty shop windows and suggests to potential customers that you may not provide the quality they are looking for. Not having any photos n your website is the equivalent of having boarded up windows (and a locked door!) and can make potential customers suspicious that you have something to hide or nothing to offer.  Many companies try and save money by using stock photography to fill this gap, sometimes this can be effective but if not selected very carefully the images come across sterile and insincere.

Having personalised, professional, high quality images representing your products and services helps customers see and understand your business clearly and helps build trust from the first visit. It shows that you are proud of your business and are confident about all aspects of the products and services you provide.

One company that understand these facts very well is Nantwich based recruitment company, OCC Computing. They recently hired me to capture images of their team hard at work in their day to day operations for use on their new website being created by Surefire Media. Here are some of the images we created for their ‘shop window’:

If you are interested in improving your businesses ‘shop window’ please get in touch for a chat about what we can do for you.

Actors headshots Cheshire

One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a commercial photographer in cheshire is that I get to meet lots of different people from different backgrounds and in different jobs. As well as providing headshot photography sessions to corporate and commercial clients I also get hired to provide headshot photography for other professionals such as actors and dancers.

Headshots are often an actor’s first point of contact with potential employers, either through the traditional printed format or via online profiles and agencies. It is therefore really important that the images that they use represent them in the best possible way for the job they are going for. It is a good idea for an actor to have some variety in their portfolio of images so that they can be selective when providing an image for a specific role. The industry standard is to have a very ‘neutral’ image (no smiling or other obvious facial expressions – a bit boring really if you ask me!) but this can be supplemented by other images that show the range of an actor’s ‘looks’ or a specific ‘look’ if they are going for a particular role.

There is an increasing number of people applying for acting jobs these days and in such a saturated market it is important to stand out from the crowd, we look to provide actors with images that will enhance their chance of being noticed and get them into auditions so that they can get to do their stuff. Here are some examples of some headshots that we have provided for actors and performers who have come to the cloverleaf images studio for a headshot session:

If you are looking to give your acting career a boost or are looking for a headstart in getting to auditions, feel free to give us a shout and we can plan out your session and create some stunning images for you.

Cheshire Headshot Photography

We’ve been offering headshot photography to individuals and companies in Cheshire for just over 18 months now and I thought we’d take a quick look back at some of the images we’ve produced for people. The great thing about the headshot photographer is that I get to meet lots of different sorts of people with very different personalities. Some people come in very confident and choose their images very quickly and others come in extremely nervous and anxious about how they are going to look.

I try to pick up on the vibes a person is giving off in order to tweak how I speak and interact with them in the studio, kind of being a chameleon and adapting to ensure I can bring out the best of them. Some people need reassuring and I’ll have to slowly tease out the best picture, others I can storm in and grab it! Essentially the headshot session is all about capturing a photo that is truly representative of a person but in a way that shows them looking their best and feeling confident.

One advantage that helps me achieve this is that we have a purpose built, fully equipped studio so that, combined with all my experience, means that all I have to really concentrate on during a headshot photography session is working with the client to make them look great.

Here are a few headshot photographs of some of our fantastic clients:

Although the final images are what people generally hire me for, often clients comment that they get so much more from a headshot session. Many go away with some great tips of how to position themselves and how to look great in photographs in general and some even get over their fear of being in front of a camera. Having the images to show people what we’ve done in the studio in the past is a great way of demonstrating what we do but referrals and client testimonials are even better. Here are a few things that past headshot photography clients have said about their experience:

“Johnathan was brilliant at putting me at ease i’m really not comfortable having my photograph taken but the experience was so much better than I ever could have imagined I would definitely use him again.”

“Thank you for making me feel so relaxed i was not looking forward to it, but am really pleased with the results”


“I was particularly pleased with how relaxed I was made to feel in the studio. A seasoned professional’s advice on posture and position certainly does enhance the quality of the final images!”

“I’m really delighted with the results, my favourite image is now my LinkedIn profile photo”

If you are looking to update and upgrade your online profile or need a high quality headshot photograph please give us a shout for a no obligation chat.

Social Media Portraits

Last month I attended a great little workshop provided by Jamie Stewart of Momentum Factor Europe hosted at the South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce in Crewe. The workshop was a really useful overview of how to make more use of LinkedIn & Twitter in your business activities. I consider myself fairly well versed in social media (although I’m the first to admit I not particularly well disciplined in putting what I know into use all the time!) but I still learned loads of great tips from Jamie for improving how I go about using the 2 platforms. Here are the top 3 things that I took away from the workshop about LinkedIn and Twitter:


  1. One of the most important things when setting up your LinkedIn account is having a great, professional profile photo 😉
  2. Endorsements you receive contribute to how LinkedIn returns your profile in other people’s search results
  3. The Slideshare plugin allows you to share presentations, portfolios, PDFs etc directly within LinkedIn


  1. Restricting your tweets to 120 (or less) characters means people can retweet and comment more easily (adding to your conversation)
  2. Tweets with images (using are more likely to be retweeted
  3. Advanced search is an underused but highly useful research tool

After the workshop session was finished I set up a mini studio in one of the meeting rooms at the Chamber and took some profile portraits for the attendees and the Chamber staff so that they would have no excuses for not having a great picture on their social media profiles!

social media portrait collage

If you are looking to improve your social media impact I would highly recommend Jamie and Momentum Factor and if you are looking to get started with a professional profile portrait we are currently doing them at the studio for £55 (30 min session), just contact us to book.

and of course don’t forget to follow me on twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn