Cheshire Event Photography – ATT Writers Ball 2015

Every year Action Transport Theatre (ATT)  holds an annual celebration and showcase of new talent.  I was very grateful to be commissioned by them again this year to capture images of the event and I had a great time absorbing the atmosphere on the evening.  The only downside to photographing the event is that I have to try and capture as many of the performers as possible and so can’t stay very long for any single performance.  What I did see on the night looked and sounded fantastic and everyone seemed to be having a great time.  Here are some highlights from the event:

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Commercial Photography for theatre – ATT Happily Ever After

ATT needed some promotional photography of a new production, Happily Ever After, that they had recently launched. This included taking some images of the live show and following workshops as well as some more staged images afterwards.

Here’s some information about the show from their website:

“Children’s theatre company Action Transport Theatre, based in Ellesmere Port, in collaboration with LGBT Youth North West, have received funding from the Cheshire West and Chester Council Promoting Equality and Diversity Fund. The fund, open to Voluntary and Community organisations in the area, aims to deliver new and innovative services for Cheshire West and Chester in eliminating discrimination and promoting equality and diversity across the Borough.

Led by Action Transport Theatre and LGBT Youth North West, the project is inspired by Dutch children’s book King and King – banned and challenged in some countries – which tells the story of two princes who fall in love and live happily ever after. This groundbreaking show, called Happily Ever After, will tour to 8 primary schools across North West in Autumn 2015. Both teachers and families will be given an information pack about dealing with the subject of homophobia and homophobic bullying.”

During the shoot the cast were great and it was great fun shooting the images for the theatre to use to promote the show. Here are some of the images we captured on the day:

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Promoting a small business with Photography

In today’s online-centric world it is more and more important for businesses of all sizes to ensure that they represent themselves in the best possible way on their websites and social media. One of the most important aspects of this representation is through the images you use (and I’m not just saying this as a photographer), it’s impossible to promote a professional business with poorly taken photos or mobile phone ‘pics’.

One local business owner who understands this essential point is owner and founder of Breathing Space Yoga, Sarah Clover. Sarah obviously has an advantage in this aspect over other small businesses as she is married to a commercial photographer! That point aside, Sarah understands the power of quality images for promoting her business and is one of my more critical and hard to please clients.

Breathing Space Yoga recently expanded their range of baby yoga classes to include a ‘movers’ class (aimed at more mobile toddlers) and Sarah wanted a fresh set of images to use for promoting this class online and in print. I visited one of the movers classes and captured some images of the parents and their little ones taking part and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Here are a few examples of the images we produced for Sarah to use to promote the new classes:

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business networking in Cheshire

When you are running your own business you can often find yourself being quite isolated from the outside world (especially if you spend the majority of your time in a windowless studio!). One of the ways I ensure I ‘get out there’ and speak to other people is through networking. The added benefit of this is that I get to meet lots of people in the local business community and help promote my business and services.

Some people are dubious about whether networking is beneficial, at one meeting an attendee explained their negativity by saying “you don’t think anyone comes to these things actually looking to spend money do you? Everyone is just looking to push their business”. My thoughts on this are that although that might be the short term aim, the longer term goal of many attendees (myself included) is to build relationships and to build brand awareness.

Many business services (and especially photography) are time sensitive and although the people you meet at a meeting may not have a specific need at that time but when they do they are more likely to contact you if they have met you (as long as you have left a good impression!) than another provider that they may find through searching the internet. Even if they are in a business that is never going to use your services they may be approached by someone else that does and they’ll be able (and hopefully willing) to pass on your details.

Another great benefit is that you can use the meetings to soundboard new ideas or services and get direct feedback from the kind of people you want to target. I’ve built a number of lasting relationships with local businesses, made some great connections and got a significant amount of repeat business through those relationships.

Here are a few of the networking events and organisations that I have found particularly useful over the last year, some formal, some informal and all in different locations:

RedEye – The Photography Network
Business Biscotti
Business Breakfast Group
South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce
Redshift Hub

As well as attending for networking purposes I have also been commissioned by a few of the networking organisations to provide some photography services to capture some of the networking events, here are some examples of some event photography I have provided at these Cheshire networking events:

Filming in Cheshire – Crewe Lyceum Panto Vox Pops

Just before Christmas we were commissioned by the Crewe Lyceum Theatre to record and produce a short ‘Vox Pops’ style video to help them promote their pantomime ‘Peter Pan’.  We set up a simple video spot in the corner of the bar area and interviewed a number of audience members during the interval of the opening night. We then had a very quick deadline to get the video published to support the promotion of the show. Here is the resulting video:

The show itself was a great success and everyone looked like they had a great time.