Behind the Scenes Promotional Video – Miss Aniela in New York

Back in May I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with the Miss Aniela team again, this time at an event they were hosting in Yonkers on the outskirts of New York. I was there to capture candid photos of the event and to record behind the scenes footage for promotional use. Here are some of the images from the event:

and here is the promotional video I filmed during the event (best viewed in fullscreen!)

Cheeky Behind the Scenes – the reads

Here’s a very quick look behind the scenes at a recent band shoot we did with the reads over in North Wales….

'the reads' band photo shoot

Commercial Video – Miss Aniela Fashion Shoot Experience

A few years ago I attended a fashion shoot experience event produced and hosted by Natalie (aka Miss Aniela) & Matt, this was actually the first event that they had organised. This event kick-started my confidence in working with models and producing fashion based images. Last year I attended another event as a bit of a spur of the moment type decision while in a bit of a creative slump and it really helped to bring me out of it.

I was recently asked by Matt & Nat if I could go down to one of their London events to take some behind the scenes video footage of the event for use in their marketing of future events. It was a really tough 2 days, not just from the physical exertion of filming for 2 days in a 4 story house, but being there without getting to participate!

Here is the resulting video made from the footage I took (edited by Natalie and featuring images from the attending photographers):

Although I didn’t get to take any still images of the models as a participant I did manage to take a few behind the scenes images as well as the video footage and here is a selection of those images:

By Johnathan Clover

Photography Workshop in Crewe

We recently had the pleasure of hosting Glyn Dewis with his ‘Dynamic Duo’ Photography and Photoshop workshop at the cloverleaf images commercial photography studio.

This was the first time Glyn had ventured ‘up north’ with one of his workshops and it was great that he chose to hold it at our studio. The workshop was very popular and sold out in less than 2 weeks of being announced and we are already in discussions with Glyn about holding more workshops later in the year. We can’t wait to have him back as he’s a great trainer and an all round top bloke.

The workshop went really well and everyone looked like they enjoyed themselves and learned loads of new techniques and tips for photography and in photoshop.  Glyn demonstrated a couple of studio lighting setups and then went through a detailed run through of creating a composite character image from scratch.  It was great to see so many people using the studio and I was able to pick up a few tips from Glyn while lurking in the background (in between filling up the kettle and adjusting the lights etc!).  You can see Glyn’s write up of the workshop over on his blog

Photography Workshop CRewe

photo courtesy of Glyn Dewis

After the success of the workshop we are looking into other events and workshops that we can put on at the studio in the future. If you are interested in hearing about any future events or would like to suggest something you would like to see being organised at our commercial photography studio in Crewe, please get in touch in the comments or drop us a message using the contact form.

The evolution of a photography studio

I’ve now been working full-time out of the new studio for a month so I thought it was about time I got round to blogging about the studio and it’s evolution from a storage unit to a fully functioning professional photography studio available for hire.

I wasn’t originally planning on taking on a physical studio, I had convinced myself that it would be more economical to continue as I had for the last few years (working from home and hiring a studio as and when I needed it).  However, while looking for some temporary space I happened across this unit housed in an old freight railway warehouse.  At the time it was being used as storage but the owner was looking for a more long term tenant.  After a few visits and discussions the necessary arrangements were made and I began renting the unit in November 2012.   The unit itself was originally a stable block within the old warehouse complex and as you can see in the images below, it needed a fair amount or work to get it up to standard.  I knew this would take a while as I had to do as much of the work as possible myself to keep costs down and do it while running the business.  So here’s a glimpse at the evolution of the studio since I took the unit over in November (please excuse the quality of the  phone camera pics, terrible behavior from a photographer I know but it was much easier to take a few phone snaps while doing all the work!).

It’s hard to see the full extent of work that was needed, things like scrubbing the years and years worth of dust and soot from the walls etc but with some help from friends we managed to get the unit to a really good ‘blank canvas state’.  At that point we decided that if we really wanted the studio to be fit for purpose and  a great creative environment to work from we’d need to get the professionals in to do the last bit of work.  We wanted a bespoke shooting area to be built with an infinity cove as well as some more standard building work (stud walls, plastering etc).  Plenty of people were interested in the general building work but the infinity cove seemed to be putting many builders and carpenters off.  Eventually I called on Peter Riley of Riley’s Property Developments and, as they had some experience of building something similar elsewhere, he was confident that they could deliver what I needed.  Peter and his team did a great job and I would highly recommend them.  After the building work had been completed I worked on some of the finer touches of decorating then searched for a suitable floor covering.

After speaking to various firms I decided to hire local firm ‘Magic Carpets’, they gave me some great advice and in no time at all I had a fully fitted carpet through the studio and office.  Here are some images of the studio once the work had been complete (just a little bit of an improvement!):

After using the studio for a month I’ve really settled into the space and am really enjoying shooting there .  Feedback from others who I have worked with in the studio has been great and a few local photographers have now hired the space and equipment and everything has been positive so far.  There are a few additional things I’d like to do (isn’t there always!)  to tidy it up a bit and I need to get some more of my images up but other than that I am really pleased to get it all up and running.

If you’d like to pop in and chat about our photography services or if you are interested in hiring the studio please get in touch using the contact form.