Cheshire Commercial Photography – Business Promotion

Here are some new promotional images that I created with my wife Sarah for her new Adult Yoga classes she is setting up in Northwich, Cheshire. We wanted to create a mix of images showing a variety of poses that she can use to promote the classes and have available for using in social media posts over the next few months.

We started off with some ‘text book’ style images of Sarah showing various moves and Yoga poses. These images allow Sarah to demonstrate her abilities, communicate what kinds of things she teaches in her classes and keep the material personal rather than using stock images. It’s a great idea to set up an internal image library that you can dip into when you need it rather than frantically put something together each time you look to create a new post or marketing material:

After that we worked on some more creative images that show a less clinical side to her Yoga and which can be used alongside more theoretical or philosophical blog posts etc:

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Commercial Product photography for Avant Garde

In today’s online market place having poor product images can really cut down on your selling potential regardless of the quality or price of your product. Arron from Avant Garde Distribution based in Crewe came to see us as some of their online products was not performing as well as they thought it should be and the blame seemed to sit with the product images that were being used.

One of the products that they were particularly concerned with was their vintage style lightbulbs, they knew their competitors were selling similar products at a much higher volume than they were and the main difference appeared to be the product photos that were being used.

After a quick chat about the style of images required we set up in the cloverleaf images studio and looked to create some eye catching images to really show off the style of the products. Photographing lightbulbs is a quite technically challenging task (especially when the brief includes capturing the illuminated lighting element itself as well as the glass surround) but after a little bit of tweaking we had the shots. The client was very happy with the images and they were put to work immediately on their various online sales platforms.


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Commercial Property Photography Cheshire

Most of the work I am hired to do involves photographing people, be that commercial portraits, promotional images, events or photos of people using products but I have also done a number of projects involving property and construction which make a nice change every now and then.

Bennett Architectural Aluminium Solutions Ltd (BAASL) are a local, stoke based company that specialise in providing window systems and curtain walling and they contacted me about providing them with a series of photographs from various new buildings that they had provided solutions to. The images are to be used across various media to promote their range of products and services and to show potential customers the wide range of projects they get involved in.

Here are some examples of some of the images we’ve produced so far:


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Product Photography Cheshire – Word United

I often try and persuade clients that the best way to promote products in product photography is to include some images of people actually using the products. This helps potential buyers understand the products better and allows them to more easily connect with using the product.

Word United recently hire me to take some product images for them and needed no persuasion in going down this route. They wanted some images that showed people from their target demographic using their products in the various different forms including physical and app based learning methods.

Here are some of the images we produced for Word United:

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Food Photography Cheshire

It’s great to get a variety of work and to do lots of different things and recently I got the chance to try out some on location food photography for Firenze in Nantwich. The owner of the restaurant, Louise, wanted some new images for their new website and to use on various print and online promotional material.

The brief was to capture the atmosphere of the location coupled with detailing some of their signature dishes and cocktails. We set up a couple of different shots with different dishes in different parts of the restaurant and spent a great afternoon shooting some delicious food (and sampling them afterwards – perks of these kinds of jobs!).  In the evening I returned to shoot some of the creations of the very talented bar staff. Here are some of the images we created for Firenze:

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