Band Photography – Jeramiah Ferrari

I was recently approached by the Manchester based ‘Jeramiah Ferrari‘ to design and execute some creative band photography for use in their marketing and PR material for the release of their upcoming EP ‘Dubby Rock’ and general marketing for their gigs and shows.

After discussing possible options, themes and styles etc they approved a number of concepts that I had came up with and I organised the shoot at a local studio with a great range of options for different setups so that we could get a number of different shots done in one day.

The first half of the band shoot was taken up with the main concept that I had suggested. I wanted to try and expand on previous levitation images that I had done with individual subjects and try one with more than one person. The idea was to have all four band members and their instruments appear to be floating as they were playing. This turned out to be quite time consuming to set-up and even more of a challenge to actually shoot! Here is the completed image after I had edited it:

Once the levitation image was completed we moved on to taking some live shots of the band performing (or miming a performance at least!) and some slightly more traditional band portrait photography. We had great fun playing with various props, different lighting set-ups and various clothing changes (all styled by the fantastic Jodie Rosanna Williamson).

If you are looking for a creative band photography or some general portrait photography please contact us via the contact page and we get back to you as soon as we can.